Artist Laura Lengyel biographical images

“My current concerns are originality, quality of materials. They must reflect the truths that the artist lives in. I approach the blank canvas fearlessly letting the ideas & images flow through me. I exclusively use high quality materials that have been tested by centuries & have proven the test of time. Originality is important to me & my collectors and patrons of the arts. The same as the conversation between the artist & collector, translated to the artist’s language for the collector. The artist’s relationship with the collector is unique & must be nurtured over time. Contact the artist for a personal appointment to see, purchase & contact the artist at the salon/studio & res. in Greenbrae, or the studio warehouse in San Rafael by calling the numbers in the new 2015 website about an appointment, or email the artist.” ~Laura Lengyel

Photo credits: 1967, Carol Romberg; 1998, Doug Keister; 1999, Susan Merrill; 2011, Rico. The artwork: Laura Lengyel. Casual head shot: Lee Salin, Beverly Hills photo.

biographic narrative (pdf) | resume/chronology (pdf)

Downloadable catalogs:

Laura Lengyel, Original Paintings, Sculpture & Graphics (1 page)
The 21st Century: Original Paintings and Sculpture by L. L. Lengyel (1 page)
REDUX: Modernism Revisited (Catalog and price list, 4pp)
Laura Lengyel, the 21st Century Still Life (Catalog and price list, 2 pp)
The GOT PAINT series (catalog and price list, 4pp)
Laura Lengyel, GOT PAINT series with the artist (1 page)